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General FAQ

Q: Can I stake my coins? A: Yes, choose a validator here:

Q: When is the mainnet? A: Mainnet started on Fri Oct 21, 2022 at

Q: Is DYS listed on an exchange to buy or sell? A: Yes, you can find it here

Q: When will DYS be tradable on an exchange? A: Yes, for now we are listed here:

Q: What is the total supply? A: 2,854,574,071 DYS is the initial total supply with inflation between 5% and 50%

Q: How do I claim my DYS? A: Connect your Keplr Wallet to that is all

Q: Why does someone else have more than me? A: Read this to understand the method of calculating rewards

Q: When did the testnet end? A: The testnet is still available to use at The INCENTIVIZED testnet snapshot was taken on 14/10/2022 and all rewards are based off that.