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Register a Dyson Protocol Name

What are Names?

See the page Dys Names for background and technical details.

Option 1: The UI way to register a name

Simply use the web interface to register your name:

  1. Choose your name
  2. Decide on a price you would be willing to sell it for. This will be used to calculate the registration fee on step 3
  3. Click "Register Name", you will pay 1% of your sell price now. 2 transaction will need to be signed.
  4. If it was ucsscessful, you can click the link and see your name details

Option 2: The programatic way to register a name

Save the code to your script

Copy this code to your Script and save it.

from dys import _chain, SCRIPT_ADDRESS, get_caller

def _register_commit(name: str, price: str, salt: str):
Step 1 in the Commit/Reveal process
# ensure the "price" is denominated in "dys"
if not price.endswith("dys"):
price += "dys"

# This is a helper query as a refrence hash implementation.
# To be secure, the commit hash should be generated off-line and the name
# kept private until the reveal step.
commit_response = _chain(
"names/QueryGenerateCommit", owner=SCRIPT_ADDRESS, name=name, salt=salt
print(f"commit_response: {commit_response}")
assert not commit_response["error"], commit_response["error"]

register_response = _chain(
print(f"register_response: {register_response}")
assert not register_response["error"], register_response["error"]

def _reveal_commit(name: str, salt: str):
Step 2 in the Commit/Reveal process


reveal_response = _chain(
"names/sendMsgReveal", name=name, owner=SCRIPT_ADDRESS, salt=salt
print(f"reveal_response: {reveal_response}")
assert not reveal_response["error"], reveal_response["error"]

# this can be a public function as it only has read only commands
def query_name(name: str):
return _chain("names/QueryName", name=name)

def register_name(name: str, price: str):
"""Register you name and set the buy price"""
assert get_caller() == SCRIPT_ADDRESS, f"forbidden, you are not {SCRIPT_ADDRESS}"
# This should be randomly generated off-chain
salt = "12341234"

# this is a demo of the "commit reveal" pattern.
# In practice, generating the commit hash
# should be done offline to prevent front-running.
_register_commit(name, price, salt)

# Now reveal that we knew the name and salt that made the commit
_reveal_commit(name, salt)

def app(environ, start_response):
start_response("200 ok", [("Content-type", "text/plain")])
return [f"Hello from Dyson Protocol! {SCRIPT_ADDRESS}".encode()]

Run the "Register name" function


You should always "Query" a function before "Running" it. You will get the estimated amount of gas that is used and see any errors in the response.

You will save a lot of time and gas by testing functions with "Query" first.

Out of Gas

If you get the error MemoryError('Out of Gas'), you can either simply run the function again and it will automatically adjust the gas used. Or you can manually increase the gas in Keplr when signing.