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  • written in Python
  • frontend on-chain
  • automatic UI generation
  • full HTTP control
  • schedule script execution
  • name service

What is the purpose of the Dyson Protocol?

The Dyson Protocol is a blockchain network designed to simplify dwapp development by using Python, an immensely popular programming language. It aims to make dApp development more accessible and lower the entry barrier for developers.


A major goal of the Dyson Protocol is to remove the vulnerability associated with centralized hosting of user interfaces. By putting the frontend on-chain, the protocol increases resilience and reduces potential security risks.


The Dyson Protocol uses a secure subset of Python, called Dyslang, for smart contracts. This allows developers to leverage their existing Python knowledge, making the development process more efficient.

Auto UI generation

An impressive feature of the Dyson Protocol is its ability to automatically generate user interfaces (UIs) for script functions. This automation simplifies user interactions with the script, enhancing usability without requiring specialized knowledge.


Utilizing the WSGI protocol, the Dyson Protocol provides scripts with full control over HTTP requests and responses. This gives developers the power to design dynamic interactions between dWApps and users.


The Dyson Protocol fosters an open-source culture, encouraging collaboration and innovation. All Scripts in Dyslang are publicly verifiable, promoting transparency and peer learning within the community. This enhances users' trust in the platform and the dwapps they interact with.

How to get support or report bugs?

Join Discord, verify your account, and ask for help there.