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Sybil Singleton

Dyson Protocol v0.3.0: A Leap Forward in Dwapps Development

The Dyson Protocol is back with a bang! In its new 0.3.0 version, it brings powerful features and huge improvements that further advance the capabilities of decentralized web app development.

The Future is Scheduled

With v0.3.0, scheduled runs can now be registered up to a whopping 5,000,000 blocks (about 2 months) in the future. This is a considerable improvement from the previous limit of approximately 1 hour. This means that developers can now schedule their applications to perform tasks much farther into the future.

Names: More Control, Longer Durations

Names registration now lasts for 31,536,000 blocks (roughly 1 year) at the cost of 1%. You also get the added advantage of auto-renewal of names at the expiration height. No more worrying about your registration expiring!

NFTs Take Center Stage

The new upgrade introduces support for NFTs. If you own a name, for instance 'example.dys', you can now create unlimited NFT Classes (collections) under that name or its subnames like 'foo.example.dys' or 'bar.example.dys'. The possibilities are endless!

Interchain Accounts Integration

The addition of Interchain Accounts is an exciting development. With these, you can register and control addresses on other chains using scripts. It gets better when you combine this with the ScheduledRuns feature -- you can perform actions like transferring funds between chains or sending arbitrary transactions, all within a script!

A Streamlined UI Experience

The user interface (UI) has also received a major facelift. The script code editor is now resizable, and you can schedule functions directly from the function form. The new UI also includes a detailed view of names with related coin denominations and NFC Classes, forms for minting coins and NFTs, and an improved asset page.

Eventful Scripts and Subscriptions

from dys import emit_event

def greet(name: str = "World"):
emit_event(key="name", value=name)

In v0.3.0, you can emit custom events from scripts and subscribe to them via websockets. This opens the way for real time updates and better transaciton indexing.

In Conclusion

Dyson Protocol v0.3.0 is here to transform your dApp development experience. With significant enhancements and new features like extended ScheduledRuns, NFT Classes, Interchain Accounts, and an improved UI, this update is poised to take your decentralized applications to new heights. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Dyson Protocol!

· 3 min read

The Dyson Protocol is a groundbreaking blockchain network that aims to simplify the creation and deployment of decentralized web applications (“dWApps”) by using the widely popular programming language, Python. The protocol's unique approach eliminates a major point of failure in crypto by hosting the frontend user interface on-chain. In this blog post, we will explore the various possibilities of utilizing the native DYS coins on the Dyson Protocol blockchain.

Power of DYS coins

What Are DYS Coins?

DYS coins are the native tokens on the Dyson Protocol blockchain, which aims to lower the barrier of entry for developing distributed web applications. The primary goal of the Dyson Protocol is to empower developers to leverage their existing Python expertise and build dWApps with ease.

What Can You Do With DYS Coins?

If you own DYS coins, there are several exciting opportunities to harness the power of the Dyson Protocol blockchain. Here are some of the ways you can use your DYS coins to create and deploy smart contracts:

Build and Deploy Decentralized Web Applications (dWApps)

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Dyson Protocol is the ability to build and deploy dWApps, which are dApps that host both their ###application logic and user interface directly on-chain###. With DYS coins, you can create powerful dWApps that offer a seamless, user-friendly experience and harness the full potential of the decentralized web.

Build Your Own Website On-Chain

The Dyson Protocol enables you to build your own website directly on the blockchain, offering unparalleled security and decentralization. With DYS coins, you can create a website that is free from the constraints of traditional web hosting and fully resistant to censorship.

Create Web3 Games

With DYS coins, you can develop and launch innovative Web3 games that offer a decentralized, immersive gaming experience. By leveraging the power of Python and the Dyson Protocol's unique features, you can create engaging games that stand out from the competition.

Create Your Own Coin and Send It to People

DYS coins can be used to create your own custom token on the Dyson Protocol blockchain. This allows you to build your own ecosystem, complete with a unique token that can be transferred between users, used as a means of exchange, or even integrated into your dWApps.

Mint NFTs (Coming Soon on Testnet)

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have gained immense popularity in the world of digital art, collectibles, and virtual assets. Soon, you will be able to mint your own NFTs on the Dyson Protocol blockchain using DYS coins. Stay tuned for the testnet release!

The Dyson Protocol blockchain, with its native DYS coins, offers a world of possibilities for developers looking to build innovative, decentralized applications. From creating Web3 games and custom tokens to minting NFTs and building on-chain websites, the Dyson Protocol's Python-based approach empowers developers to create a new generation of dApps and dWApps that will shape the future of the decentralized web.

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Come and join our community and hunt down some bounties

Hey there, Dyson Protocol enthusiasts!

We know you love the fact that our project is 100% community-driven, and so do we! There are no external investors pulling the strings here, just our community of developers and users brainstorming, coding, and pushing the boundaries of the Dyson Blockchain.

Our bounties have always been a driving force, but we're not just about that - it's your ideas and apps that truly bring the Dyson Protocol to life! You guys never cease to amaze us with the innovative ways you find to improve the protocol and develop on-chain apps.

Now, let's talk about our latest bounty! We're currently on the lookout for an Weighted Ranked Voting script. If you've got the skills to create a script that implements this voting system, then we've got a reward of 5,000,000 DYS waiting for you!

Here are the requirements:

  • Create a ballot of options, start and end dates.
  • Allow the ballot admin to add or remove weighted members before the start.
  • Enable users to vote on the options in a ranked format.
  • Tally the results at the end.

No front-end UI is required for this project. If you're up for the challenge, please check out the links provided to learn more about ranked and weighted voting.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity, and let's make the Dyson Protocol even better together! Don't forget to have fun while you're at it, because that's what our community is all about. Join our Discord ( or tweet us your entries.

Happy Coding!

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How to Buy DYS: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with the Dyson Protocol


Are you excited about diving into the world of Decentralized Web Apps (DWapps) using the Dyson Protocol? To get started, you'll need to acquire some DYS coins. This step-by-step guide will show you how to buy DYS using Osmosis (OSMO) on the Osmosis Frontier.

Step 1: Prepare your Keplr Wallet

Before you can buy DYS, you'll need to have Osmosis (OSMO) in your Keplr Wallet. If you don't have a Keplr Wallet yet, visit to create one.

Step 2: Buy Osmosis (OSMO)

If you don't already have Osmosis (OSMO) in your Keplr Wallet, you'll need to buy some first. You can do this on a cryptocurrency exchange that supports these tokens, such as Thor Chain, Binance, or Kraken. After purchasing the coins, transfer them to your Keplr Wallet.

Step 3: Access the DYS/OSMO pool on Osmosis Frontier

Navigate to the Osmosis Frontier by visiting the following URL: This is where you can swap your Osmosis (OSMO) for DYS coins.

Step 4: Trade your tokens for DYS

Click on the "Trade Pair" button on the Osmosis Frontier page. This will open a new window where you can swap your Osmosis (OSMO) for DYS coins.

Step 5: Execute the swap

Enter the amount of Osmosis (OSMO) you want to swap for DYS. Review the transaction details, including the exchange rate and any fees. Once you're satisfied, confirm the transaction to complete the swap. We suggest using the lowest fees.

Step 6: Congratulations, you now own DYS coins!

You've successfully swapped your Osmosis (OSMO) for DYS coins on the Osmosis Frontier. The DYS coins will now be available to withdrawal to the Dyson blockchain via your Keplr Wallet.

Step 7: Withdraw your DYS to your wallet (optional)

For added security, it is recommended that you withdraw your DYS coins from the Osmosis Frontier to the Dyson Blockchain via your Keplr Wallet. To do this, use the "withdrawal" button or follow the instructions provided by the Keplr Wallet interface. For further details you can also visit:


With your newly-acquired DYS coins, you're now ready to start exploring and building Decentralized Web Apps using the Dyson Protocol. Happy Coding!

· 4 min read
Sybil Singleton


A Script can be created by:

Scripts can only be updated by:


You can get testnet DYS by pasting your address in the #testnet-faucet channel on Discord

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Sybil Singleton

🏗️ Hey everyone, the Testnet chain and frontend have been updated.
This is the release candidate v0.1.0-rc1 for our next mainnet upgrade.

It includes:

  • More chain commands are accessible to scripts and the frontend: Vesting Accounts, Params.
  • A new Python function was whitelisted: datetime.datetime.fromisoformat()
  • Some polish to the commands page for the groups module.
  • Renamed CreateScript to DeployAutonomousScript to contrast it from UpdateScript a little better.

ꙨꙪ Happy Coding Ꙭꙮ